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Stop The Rot aims to prevent as much tooth decay as possible in children. As a Dentist, you will understand how small lifestyle changes can ensure that children avoid this painful disease.

This campaign asks day nurseries to sign up to three smile promises so that they can help the children they care for learn good dental care habits that last a lifetime.

The promises mean nurseries make a few simple adjustments to routine, including checking packaging for hidden sugars, swapping sweets and biscuits for healthier choices and implementing a tooth brushing routine in the nursery - all simple, yet effective ways of preventing tooth decay.

Stop The Rot is a non-political, independent self-help campaign made possible by a team of volunteers.

How can I get involved?

Dentists are an important part of our campaign. Extractions are distressing for all involved. Through encouraging parents to opt for a tooth-friendly nursery for their child and follow the smile promises, we can ensure our work focuses on prevention and education.

Visit our support materials section to download and print a poster that illustrates your support for the campaign. You could display this in the surgery and encourage parents to pay a visit to our site.

When parents ask about how they can improve the dental health of their children after giving them your professional advice you could suggest they visit the site and search for a tooth-friendly nursery.

Local nurseries may invite you to come along and give a tooth brushing demonstration and a presentation on dental hygiene. This is an opportunity for you to share your expertise and educate children and parents on the importance of prevention rather than cure.

How can I make suggestions regarding the campaign?

We hope that all materials on the Stop The Rot website will undergo regular independent Peer Review. However, we do welcome any advice or practical tips you would like to share. Please email [email protected] with your thoughts. We always look at all the suggestions we receive.

You can download a leaflet from this page.