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Support Team
When my oldest son, James, first attended Happy Days Nursery I was asked if there were any particular dietary requirements. I asked them to avoid sugar, sweets and fizzy drinks and offer him milk, fruit and cheese instead. I also asked that he be allowed to clean his teeth after lunch.

Happy Days were so helpful that I asked if they would consider including the three "smile promises" as part of their good practice. Again they could not have been more helpful. So then I took it a step further and asked them if they would help to create the stop-the-rot website - and now here it is.

It is a simple idea but if it is going to help other parents, children and nurseries throughout the UK then we have to spread the word. If you know of somewhere where the stop-the-rot poster could be displayed then please go to the poster page and download. Like everything else about this website, it is free but it has only been made possible by the hard work and generosity of the following people.


When Megan was only four years old she had suffered terrible toothache and I had no choice but to inject her gums and take out two of her teeth.

It was such a distressing experience for her that the above team got together to create and support

  Sarah (Megan's Mum)

"I fully support this website. Parents can see for themselves the commitment, made by everyone involved, in helping to prevent tooth decay in children."

Sarah - Operations Manager, Happy Days Nursery

"At Happy Days Childcare we are committed to healthy eating. This is why we feel the 'stop the rot' campaign and website is a marvellous initiative to be involved with. We are delighted to be the first nursery to make the 'smile promises'."

Samantha - Dental Nurse

"I assisted in taking out Megan's teeth and it was very distressing. Now that I am a Mum I know that preventing tooth decay is not difficult. I hope as many parents and nurseries as possible use this website and follow the smile promises."

Mark & Andy

"We were happy to help with the development of the website to enable access for nurseries and parents to more information to raise awareness about tooth decay."

Chris Astbury - Photographer

"In our business a healthy smile is one of the most important things, we fully support Graham in his efforts to educate children about healthy dental care and encourage all nurseries who ban unhealthy snacks."

 Napthen's Solicitors

"As solicitors in the community, Napthens support initiatives such as this and support Graham in his work for the prevention of tooth decay."

Graham Wilding BDS
- Dental Surgeon

"As a Dentist I have seen far too many children suffering from tooth decay which could have been prevented. As a father of two young children I am determined that they will grow up with healthy teeth and I would like all children to have the same chance. Since this website was first launched in June 2005, many people have worked hard and helped us and we are very grateful to them."